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May 30, 2010

Huang Fong And Peaceful Bali

Observing Huang Fong’s paintings we were brought in Balinese life that was quite and peacefully. In this April Huang Fong has been 77 old and has been working as artist professionally for fifties years. During the time his painting themes are not changed that is about daily life inBali.

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Arts Holy War Against Corruption

Budiono Sadjad is really angry. The fury of fifty two years old artist is caused by the corruption cases that have been rampant in Indonesia. Corruption here is like cancer cells which spread into almost parts of our body as a nation. So, the fighting against corruption should be done totally to yank out root of the killer cells. Corruption has threatened this nation. The war against corruption is to save the nation. It is a holy war!

Based on the thought Aris Budiono holds his solo exhibition with title: The Holly War  Against Corruption.

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Chinese Contemporary Arts

The painting in 6×2 meters size attracted me and other visitors directly when we came into the exhibition room in main building of National Gallery, Jakarta, last week. Not only the size that was so wide which made it stood out among tens paintings presented in the exhibition with title “Mirror and Shadow: Contemporary Art from China”. This painting is really interesting for me.

The painting “Yesterday’s Me, Tomorrow’s You” is worked by Chen Ke, a Chinese female contemporary artist whose the name has been known internationally recently.

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Pakistani Painting Exhibition

The old woman face is looked so sad. Around her there is silhouette of soldiers and artillery weapon with domination of red color at background. At left corner there is a young boy with barbed wire on his head, while a man is praying at under the face of woman. This painting entitle “Gulf War” worked by Jimmy Engineer makes we are distressed. The painting is about the sorrow in war situation.

This painting of Jimmy Engineer is one of tens works by noted Pakistani artists that has been displaying in exhibition entitled “A Glimpse into Pakistani Arts Works” at National Gallery, Jakarta.

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Exhibition of Made Djirna’s Painting

Since the last years of the decade 2000, the style of  Djirna’s paintings change to be decorative. This metamorphosis is, as matter of fact, rather surprising. However, some critics look this is as a sign of the growth of Made Djirna’s mind and perspectives along with his increased ages. Hermanto Soerjanto from GarisArt Space, the organizer of the exhibition, said that the change of Made Djirna’s painting style show how he has grown wiser over the years.

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Bazaar Art

Bazaar Art Jakarta can be one of indicators of Indonesian art development. In this event there were more than 20 art galleries involved with hundreds art works were displayed. Andi’s gallery, for instance, presented arts of Affandi, Srihadi Soedarsono, Sunaryo, Poleng Rediasa and Irwanto Lentho.

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 Asian Watercolor Expression

In the exhibition entitled “Asian Watercolour Expression” we can see the power of watercolor. Look at the work of Phunsee Srisuphar from Thailand, “Morning Time” (2010). Also the works of   Sangkom Somboonhua (Thailand), “Phya Naak” (King of Nagas) (2012), and Min Wae Aung (Myanmar), “Towards Monastery” (2012). The three art works present so interesting color gradation.

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The Works of The Best Known Indonesian Artists

The exhibition held at an art house Bentara Budaya, Jakarta, presented the works of Indonesian famous artists that had passed away.  They were Affandi, Amri Yahya, Bagong Kussudiardja, Basuki Abdullah, Dullah, Emiria Soenassa, Hendra Gunawan, Itji Tarmizi, G Sidharta Soegijoo, Lee Man Fong, Rusli, S Sudjojono, Suhadi, Widayat, etc.

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Indonesian Contemporary Art: Fantasies and Realities

AGAIN, Indonesian artist’s works will be internationally. Through exhibition “Indonesian Eye: Fantasies and
Realities”,  41 works of 18 Indonesian artists will be on display in one of the world’s most established contemporary art gallery, Saatchi Gallery, in London, UK, from August 27 to October 9, 2011.  Recently, these great
works have been presenting  in Ciputra Artpreneur Center, in Jakarta, from June 9 to July  10,  2011.

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The Legend World of  the Engraver Irwanto Lentho

Look at his work, “Racing for Go Home” (Berlomba Untuk Pulang). This work which in big enough size (200 cm x 122
cm) shows three girls ride on zebras racing to each other. The three zebras are flying above buildings and
their foots have toothed wheels. This make we think about the reality of modern life where individuals compete to
each other, want to be come first, to be number one in all aspects of life. The three riders which are all woman
here may related to gender issues recently.

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Agus Budiyanto in Water Color Painting

His installation art entitled “Mari kita makan hutan, karena kita lapar iman” (Let’s eat the forest for we are
hungry and  lack belief) explains his concern about  deforestation issues. In this installation he shows a
leafless with rubber balls hanging on its dry branches.  Another installation, “Selamat Tinggal Hutanku” (Goodby,
My Forest”) consists of numerous green leaves attached to ropes fixed to the ceiling.

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The Journey of Indonesian Visual Art

“This exhibition is also an evidence that Indonesian visual arts are moving to follow the strong current of
world art movement. Even works of some Indonesian artists are not just “duplication” of previous genres, but able
to “domesticate” the world art trends to be something “so  Indonesian”.

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Revival of Traditional Balinese Painting

In some decades it seems that traditional Balinese painting was sunk by the popularity of contemporary
painting art. But in fact traditional painting has been still existing and developing. In this exhibition we can
see the involvement of young artists. It means that there is regeneration of artists in the development of
traditional Balinese painting.

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Agus Suwage is Still Crazy

the great madness of Agus was looked at his recent works. Technical chronologically, about a hundred of his works presented here described his long journey to know well and to explore various expression media. Started from drawing with charcoal, then painting with water color, oil, and installation arts with various material. Ideological thematically we caught in the richness of Agus’s perspective on many kind of problems such as social, political, cultural problem, gender and self identity matters.

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Art and Entrepreneur

Ciputra, a successful  businessman in Indonesia and prominent art work collector, tries to meet the world of art with entrepreneurship through his idea that he called “artpreneurship”. To realize his idea he facilitate the great exhibition of art at his gallery Ciputra World Marketing Gallery in Jakarta, in a month from April to May 2010.

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Syncretism of Java-Islam in Contemporary Art

So simple, but full of spiritual contents, his works here expressed the syncretism between Javanese culture and Islam.   It is really that, for Nasirun, make a painting is not only an action which has to do with aesthetic matter. Make a painting is a spiritual action too. Following Nasirun, create a painting is his one way to make closed relationship with God.

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When Illustration was Loosen From It’s Story

The Indonesian great poet Sapardi Joko Damono said that “illustration freezes our imagination, so illustration just disturbing”. Its maybe right. Each reader is actually free for making interpretation about a story. Interpretation of each reader can be different to each other. If so, what function of illustration for a short story? Is an illustration necessary?

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